Game console idea

I love being able to install games to by Xbox 360. It makes playing much quieter & stuff seems to load faster. Unfortunately, like PC games I’ve played in the past, playing a game from the hard drive requires the disc to be in the player. Makes sense, as it proves that I didn’t copy it from my buddy & pass it around. Here’s the thing…. it sucks! I’m no more lazy than the next person, but come on! I mean, I can turn the console on & off with the wireless remote. I change the turner on my TV with my remote & I’m off & playing .. as long as the game is in the console. So here’s what we do: I usually keep my games close by my console anyway (for easy access - cuz they need to be in to play) so why not install some kind of RFID or wireless thing-a-ma-bob that is part of the game case. The console can just check if it’s in range - and preseto - I don’t have to get off my lazy butt to play!