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February 3, 2009 | By Brian | Filed in: work.

Everyone knows about “View – Page Source” in Firefox & it’s counterparts in other browsers , but have you ever hit a web page that returns JSON or XML or some other text and have Firefox prompt you to choose an application to open it ? So annoying! Why can’t Firefox just display it?!??!

I stumbled across a great workaround while clicking around the Project Zero forums: view-source:

It’s used like this:


That’s it … just prepend view-source: to any URL and it will display the source… so handy for those pesky JSON URLs!

Credit to dieselchrist for his post on the Project Zero forum
Note: brandon suggesting using the Firefox Poster plugin … definitely worth a look as well.

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One comment on “Firefox – View Source

  1. Gareth Jones says:

    Another helpful plugin for this kind of problem is JSONovich ( It does pretty-printing of JSON when returned with the application/json MIME type.

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