A YouTube channel for my son

January 11, 2017 | By Brian | Filed in: work.

My son decided that he wanted his own YouTube channel to publish his Minecraft sessions. I think he wants to become the next DanTDM (13M subscribers!). Two big hurdles with this one:

  1. Finding a good screen recorder for Windows 10
  2. Not using his full name as the name of the channel

Finding screen recorder software isn’t very hard, Google has a bunch of options. But each one seemed more scammy than the next. We finally settled on Wondershare Filmora, because that’s what his buddy in fifth grade uses. He’s still practicing so the huge watermark on the recordings isn’t bothering him yet. To remove it, requires a purchase which is $59 and I’m guessing that will happen soon.

Because he’s already got his own email with @olore.net hooked into Google (thanks to me for setting up the Google Apps for your domain like 100 years ago when it was free for everyone), creating a channel and uploading videos is a piece of cake. Almost too easy, especially for a 4th grader. While complete anonymity isn’t quite possible, I at least wanted to remove his full name from the top of his channel page. Easier said that done.

Eventually I found that if I created a Google+ page for/as him, he could add a nickname. Unfortunately, his nickname then appeared between his first and last name in quotes. Not what I was looking for, but close. Finally I landed on the solution – in the same screen where his First, Last and Nick name are in Google+ I removed his Last name, and Nick name, then changed his Minecraft handle as his First name. There was a warning about this change taking affect for all Google services, which probably means GMail too, which isn’t ideal, but for now his name is off his channel, and just his Minecraft name shows, which is perfect.

Without further adieu, I give you the joecraft2015 channel !

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